Soviet Soviet – Fate

Soviet Soviet - Fate (2013)The underground scene of Italy is amazing. It has great tradition because it’s rooted in the 80’s, and it is one the biggest points of interest if you are into Post Punk, Gothic, Dark Punk, Death Rock, etc. The Italian bands keep me busy and I’m glad to listening to this non-stop flow of really interesting musical ideas. Soviet Soviet is a very well-known band in the international Post Punk scene, the band was founded back in 2009 and they have an interesting sound; it’s a mixture of Post Punk, Alternative Rock, and some Indie sound.

It’s one of the first bands showing this kind of Avant Garde Post Punk of The New Millennium. I remember that two or three years ago they played here in Mexico; and the people make it possible, because the event was made using this kind of pledge stuff. And things happened, because this is a really interesting band doing fantastic music. They certainly have gained experience; and they have been working in their sound. They are in a really good moment, and this album is the definitive proof.

“Ecstasy” is an excellent opener; this song has vibrant energy, great rhythm, and vitality: The rhythm section sounds vertiginous here, the guitar work is sober and very accurate, and the voice has lots of feeling. You will love this track. “1990” is highly energetic too and has some dark-aggressive edge, which is sublime and yet effective for this song; they show some interesting progressions as the song continues, and it tends to go into some melodic passages towards the end. Perfect balance here! “Introspective Trip” has pounding rhythm section and classic Post Punk chords; it is a perfect mixture of awesome energy and catchy melody.

“Further” is a landslide of rhythm and guitars, they have great intensity here and the chorus are so contagious; it’s stunning. “Gone Fast” made me think in Modern English with those exquisite harmonies taken from the best classic Post Punk; awesome song. “No Lesson” comes with faster pace, and is a really well-constructed song: Suddenly it goes slow and mysterious, and they return to the faster rhythm so smoothly. This album has no waste: “Together” has strong-deep bass lines, pounding rhythm, and the guitar work shows different textures here; it will make you move for sure! “Hidden” has a fast pace, and at the same time is nostalgic and introspective; really emotive song. “Something You “Can’t forget” is a wall-buster, a sonic assault at top speed, and it has frenetic energy; you will be breathless after this one. “Around Here” is another side of the great intensity of their music: This one is absolutely emotive, and really touching; the melody is fascinating here.

¡What an album! As I said before this record has no waste; not a single dull song in here, and they are giving their 120%. ¡Thanks for the good music! This is a great combination of classic Post Punk (Joy Division, The Cure, Modern English, Echo And The Bunnymen, Jesus And Mary Chain, etc.) and some Alternative Rock (They have mentioned to bands like Placebo or Radiohead, Hives), the result is simply irresistible. Don’t miss this one.  ► by Daniel Olvera