She Past Away – Narin Yalnizlik

She Past Away - Narin YalnizlikFans and Djs of the current Goth music climate have been salivating for the new album to be released by these rising underground titans. The first LP Belirde Gece hit foggy dance floors across the world with its strong early Sisters/Cure influences mixed with tasteful amounts of Darkwave. Singer Volken Caner’s vocal delay reverberates through bat caves like a haunted Elvis, all while singing completely in Turkish! When music is this good, transcending the boundaries of language is an easy task (at least they make it look so). Any Goth can appreciate and draw inspiration from the melodies of macabre when conveyed in an honest manner.

The first track Soluk (Pale) delivers a full serving of SPA‘s greatest asset: a catchy dance hook with addictive guitar riffs; an automatic favorite for any She Past Away fan. Asimilasyon (Assimilation) was the first track I heard from this release through the official video. This track definitely tips its hat to their first album with its already distinguishable Darkwave technique and intense pace.

Uzakta (Away) is leisurely paced with minimal beats reminiscent of People are People by Depeche Mode. The chorus saturated guitar and bass sits itself comfortably by one another for a cozy alliance; a superb tranquil song. Narin Yalnizlik (Delicate Loneliness) is quirky and individualistic; a song of standing alone at the cost of being yourself.

Hayaller? (Dreams?) draws inspiration from The Cure‘s early work; slow and brooding like Prayers for Rain. I am always a sucker for slow songs if they can envelope me under waves of emotion as this one has. Katarsis (Catharsis) is woven in spider delirium. It is a beautiful track drenched in a Darkwave trance of cathartic bliss (If one were to dance in solitary to this song). Uçtu Belirsizliğe (Flew Uncertainty) is at about the pace one would find themselves in this album. While the first two tracks Soluk and Asimilasyon are major attention grabbers, tracks such as Katarsis and this one will have you making new favorites after many, many multiple listens (still currently spinning in my car on perhaps it’s 20th rotation) are sure to ensue.

Oh Gerçekten Özleyince (Indeed by Ozleyin), how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…
1. Unbelievably dancy,
2. Catchy as hell chorus
3. Blissfully done from intro to finish
4. Such a stunning balance of dark and spooky paired with optimism and bliss.
5. You may find me Djing this and just dancing my afterlife away…

Yanimda (With Me) throws in a bit of retro with stark gloomy negatives, still treading at a daydreams pace. Kuruyordu Nehir (He Establishes River) will have you slow dancing dark hallways waltzing with spectres; a beautiful final song.  İçe Kapanış II (Inside Closing II) is a synth outro that meanders around your psyche contemplating a hopeless existence, dizzy and fitting. All in all, this is a fantastic album. The fast paced tracks will grab your attention but multiple listens will have you selecting new favorites as time goes by. For more information on She Past Away please visit: Facebook or Soundcloud for song listening stations as well as news for upcoming releases through Fabrika Records (LP/CD) and Remoov Records (Digital). ► by Dj Detra