The Cascades – Wenn Der Regen Kommt (Official Video)

Founded in 1988, the first official album “Nine66” of the German gothic rock band The Cascades was released in 2001 followed by three additional albums (“Corrosive Mind Cage”, “Spells And Ceremonies”, “Dead Of Dawn”) until 2006 when singer and band leader Markus Wild left. After another album (“Something To Happen”) with Ben Richter as vocalist, it became quiet around the band.

Now, they are back with founding member Markus Wild at the microphone and present a remarkable retrospective show of their work with two new songs, the best tracks from the official albums as well as a special compilation of so far unreleased songs and demo versions in form of the double CD “Diamonds And Rust”.

On October 13th, the new single “Wenn der Regen kommt” was released including a video clip. The single features two songs: the title song “Wenn der Regen kommt” as well as another, powerful gothic rock track “Tapping Me” being presented as a demo version.

At the moment, The Cascades are working on new material scheduled for release next year. Looking forward to it!