13 Questions to Nephtis Nacht (La Procesión de lo Infinito)

Nephtis Nacht (La Procesión de lo Infinito)

Nephtis Nacht

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What was the very first record you bought?

Héroes del Silencio – Senderos de Traición

What is the most expensive record have you bought?

Lacrimosa – Einsamkeit

What are your 5 very favorite bands ever?

Héroes del Silencio, The Mission, Vendemmian, The Sisters Of Mercy.

Name 5 bands that have changed your life?

The Cranberries, Héroes del Silencio, The Cure, Excession, Alaska.

Name your 3 favorite Gothic Fests?

I do not like crowded spaces but Entremuralhas, Sacrosanct and Castle Party, I hope to be in some of those festivals some day!

Name your 3 favorite gigs as a musician and as fan?

Well, here in our country is very difficult to see a gothic bands on stage, so, I can’t tell you nothing about it.

Name the most 3 influential albums for you as an artist

Excession – Forever, Children On Stun – Tourniquets Of Loves Desire, Asylum Party – Mère.

Describe yourself with 3 adjectives

Passionate, genuine and feral.

What is the most overrated gothic band?

I just listen to the music what I like and everyone can hear what they pleases. I don’t look at that.

What is the most underrated gothic band?

I think every gothic rock band is underrated and a lot of gothic post punk too.

In which band would you have liked to play live?

In my band.

Name 3 new gothic bands that have caught your attention lately?

She Past Away, This Cold Night and Brotherhood.

Gothic Rock or Post Punk and why?

Both of them because each one has all the sounds I love, catchy bass, smart guitars… melancholy and energy! Great drum tracks and almost unique voices! And sometimes beautiful and mystical background keyboards.