Frustration – On the Rise (Early Recordings)

Frustration – On the Rise (Early Recordings) (2014)French band Frustration has just released a compilation of early recording on vinyl, and as can be expected, it’s brutal and outstanding stuff.
The punk spirit is taking over these 10 old school tracks, like spit from the backyard of a London suburb. How this music was not produced in the UK in the end of 70’s – beginning of the 80’s is mystery to me. Obviously this EP is raw and even rawer than their following works, but it’s not the regular early recordings of any band lacking experience. I mean by this, that it’s got youthful energy, but it’s also full of brilliantly written and played songs. Some tracks will blow your mind such as the cheeky “Artists Suck”, a 2-minutes killer track with a great riff and easy remembered lyrics! Most tracks are sharp, fast, and make you want to jump. Overall it’s fun, although for me the best track on this release is the much darker “Faster”: old-school Post-Punk, raw and brutal, similar to what bands like Silent Scream or Ascetic: currently do.
This compilation of early recordings is a good way to discover one of the most remarkable current Post Punk bands. For the fans, it is a must-have! ► by Guillaume Renard.