Aeon Sable – Visions (Official Video)

Directed by Upie Guava
Produced by Din-Tah Aeon and Nino Sable
Camera & lighting assistant: Danny Ele Vator
Post production by: Nicko Bhisma & Upie Guava
Wardrobe reference by: Tessa Antonis
Costume department: Fritzi
Jewelry by Juliane Czorny (Doriel Design)
Hair & Make-up by Aline Nüsser

Locations: Cage Club Bottrop, Swimming Pool (@Jonathan Heintges) and Bedroom (Petra Piontek & Rebecca Döring).

Main actors: Rosita Anthony & Kerstin Schulte
Cage Girl: Chucky Garcia
Band: Din-Tah Aeon, Nino Sable, Jo & Sven

Thanks to Diane Wang & Sarah Koch for the catering service and Absinth Tabu ( for the support. Thanks to “Cage Club Bottrop” (Bar location) & Otti @ “Nightshade” second hand gothic shop for providing of clothing.

Thx to all the nameless crew, drivers, statists and supporters.

2014 –