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Winter Severity Index – Slanting Ray

Winter Severity Index in its latest form is formed by Simona Ferrucci (voice, guitar, bass guitar, drum programming) and Alessandra Romeo (synths and keyboards), and the Roman girls have just released their first full length album, “Slanting Ray”. After two widely acclaimed EP, the expectation was high. The result is even better than expected. “Slanting… Keep Reading

Peter Murphy – Lion

A lion is an impressive and majestic creature, and those attributes could describe the career of Mr. Peter Murphy. He is definitely outside of the comfort zone of the “Legend” status: He is making new albums, he is still active as a live performer and he is an artist with a consolidated style. Peter Murphy… Keep Reading


The Wake (US)

1988 (L-R): Troy Payne, Rich Witherspoon, James Tramel, Scott Rozanski. Report by Michel Country: USA Formed in: 1986 Location: Columbus, Ohio Website: Members: Troy Payne, Rich Witherspoon, Daniel C. Contact: thewake(at) Biography: Alongside bands like Screams For Tina or Mephisto Walz, The Wake were part of the first wave of American bands in the… Keep Reading

Aeon Sable – Visions (Official Video)

Directed by Upie Guava Produced by Din-Tah Aeon and Nino Sable Camera & lighting assistant: Danny Ele Vator Post production by: Nicko Bhisma & Upie Guava Wardrobe reference by: Tessa Antonis Costume department: Fritzi Jewelry by Juliane Czorny (Doriel Design) Hair & Make-up by Aline Nüsser Locations: Cage Club Bottrop, Swimming Pool (@Jonathan Heintges) and… Keep Reading

God’s Own Medicine – Drachma

God’s Own Medicine is about to celebrate its 20 year anniversary, their debut album was released by the now legendary record label Hypnobeat in 1999; and they have done a total of six albums through the years. According to the information of the Bandcamp and Facebook profiles of this project; the only remaining member is Andy, and… Keep Reading

People of Nothing – People of Nothing

I’m really impressed with the Post Punk scene of The New Millennium, it’s like a non-stop thing and there are lots of wonderful bands releasing awesome albums. And also I’m really impressed with this project called People Of Nothing and it’s awesome musicianship and talent.   People of Nothing is a cold wave/indie group established… Keep Reading


Short Circuit ‎– Unterwelt

Listen to this one, and you will be embraced by darkness… This is a pretty interesting release: “Unterwelt” is a lost jewel created by  Short Circuit in the early 90’s, and it remained unreleased for so long; the good thing is that the record label Brouillard Définitif, decided to make a proper release. Definitely, this… Keep Reading


And Then You Die – Sore

Although Finland-based, mysterious project ATYD apparently finds its origins in prehistoric times, and could be responsible for the most ancient civilizations on Earth… Whoever they are, they release an intense and tortured album. Industrial, with shoegaze influences, it displays tons of heavy distorted guitars, riffs that haunts your soul, with loads of reverb. The strings… Keep Reading


Double Elvis – Inland Chronicles

Double Elvis started as a band in 2008, and has just released a first album : Inland Chronicles. Drummer Matt Walker (Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage, Morrissey) is special guest on the album, giving the band credit to play in the big league. The record starts with “Akasaka Moon”, a very well played, well done, well produced,… Keep Reading


Nun – Uri Geller (Official Video)

NUN manages to convince with their first release, with a very good use of synths and electronic sounds and beats. The vocals are definitely a good point: used with different styles throughout the album and totally uninhibited. For lovers of new wave, minimal wave and 80’s atmospheres, as the album is full of 80’s references… Keep Reading


Heathen Apostles – Dark Was The Night (Official Video)

‘Dark Was The Night’ is the second video from the Heathen Apostles debut album ‘Boot Hill Hymnal’ on Ratchet Blade Records. The Heathen Apostles are Mather Louth (Radio Noir), Chopper Franklin (The Cramps, Mau Maus), Thomas Lorioux (King of Nuthin‘), Viktor Phoenix, Stevyn Grey (Christian Death, 45 Grave) and Luis Mascaro. Get Boot Hill Hymnal… Keep Reading

The Foreign Resort – New Frontiers

Some weeks ago we gave you the review of the previous album by The Foreign Resort: “Scattered And Buried”, and now we are really pleased to talk about “New Frontiers” their most recent work. I really loved “Scattered & Buried” and I have to say that “New Frontiers” is a step forward for The Foreign… Keep Reading


Last Night – Last Night

This is exciting raw Post Punk with traces of Dark Punk and Punkish Garage sound, and even some slight touch of Death Rock; this is electric excitement from the beginning to the end. Intensity, rawness, dark sound, razor-sharp guitars, and infectious beats with pounding rhythm…¡I like this stuff! Last Night is a band from Paris,… Keep Reading


My Great Blue Cadillac – Inside You (Official Video)

Directed by Corentin Hauvet Contact: mygreatbluecadillac(at)gmail(dot)com “When a bass guitar shags with drums, rock becomes rage!” That’s what we can say about My Great Blue Cadillac, cold/post punk duet managed by Louise & Eddy. High-powered bass guitar and heady drums take you on a dark field road trip. « Quand une basse baise une batterie,… Keep Reading

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