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Interview with Doc Marten | Lotus Feed

Lotus Feed has been in our Top albums of the year lists for 2 years consecutively. They emerged to the new decade with a fresh sound that has a lot of ingredients from the old school. It’s one of those bands that are easily recognized because of their sound. We had a conversation with their… Keep Reading


Heathen Apostles – The Reckoning (Official Video)

The Heathen Apostles are Mather Louth (Radio Noir), Chopper Franklin (The Cramps, The Mau Maus), Thomas Lorioux (Kings of Nuthin‘), Stevyn Grey (Christian Death, 45 Grave), Viktor Phoenix and Luis Mascaro. “The Reckoning” is the first video from their debut album “Boot Hill Hymnal” available digitally at Itunes and on CD from Ratchet Blade Records. Check… Keep Reading

Night Sins – To London Or The Lake

Night Sins is back only a year after the release of their first album, to present their new LP on Avant! Records. “To London or the Lake” is a short album of Dark Wave/Gothic Rock, keeping things simple and straight-to-the-point, and it’s tremendously effective! No time to lose, the album starts with “Air Dance” and… Keep Reading


Then Comes Silence – II

This second album of Then Comes Silence, plainly entitled “II”, follows the steps of the first one. The Swedish act proves being extremely effective in its genre, by delivering a true gem of a record. The classic features of shoegaze are  deeply and smartly exploited, with walls of distorted guitars, a lot of reverb, and… Keep Reading


Merciful Nuns – Exosphere VI

From the darkest, coldest depths; a shimmering aural wall ever so slowly takes shape and builds in intensity. Faint, hypnotic, ancient whispers begin to surface. A much clearer voice from beyond now begins to take form and reminds us of that which we have forgotten. Thundering, deliberate drums and bass lines, perfectly blended guitar riffs… Keep Reading


Psyyke – Äänitteitä 1983-1985

Psyyke is a Finnish goth post punk band from the city of Pori, and they were originally born from the ashes of Arbeit Macht Frei. The band only had this name for a short time. Psyyke released back in 1983 a 7″ called Temppeli | Neandertal. They’ve released a few demo cassettes, and now we… Keep Reading


Garden of Delight – Enki´s Temple | Rediscovered

If there is a philosophy of Enki, it manifests and explains itself in early Mesopotamian and Egyptian thought, where the true creator of the universe was manifest within nature, and that nature enveloped both the Anunnaki, and the humans. Nature, as the Great Mother, was still supreme, despite any patriarchal scheme to the contrary. Admittedly,… Keep Reading


Quasimodo – Liberty, Equality, Atrocity

Quasimodo is another really good surprise of the Underground scene, from The New Millennium. This is a new band based in Leeds UK; they started with Quasimodo in 2011, but they have experience with bands such as Action Directe, Rome Burns and Dawn Of Elysium. They are doing some really fine Gothic Rock music with a… Keep Reading


Drama Queen – Artificial Galaxy

What has surprised us the reviewers, is the quality of third wave Goth/Post Punk that has come from Greece. The passion that all of the bands we have so far listened to demonstrates an ability to be faithful to one of the original, recognizable post punk/goth sounds, whilst incorporating their own ideas to deliver a… Keep Reading

Canis Lupus – Shape Of The Ghost

Rising from the cold lands of Sweden; there’s the powerful howl of the Wolf: Canis Lupus first full length titled “Shape Of the Ghost”. Canis Lupus is doing some really fine Traditional Gothic Rock; it’s spiced with 90’s European-Dark Wave textures, some electronic percussion and synths which brings some special deepness to the sound of… Keep Reading


Johnathan | Christian – Beautiful Hideous

With this first album, the Swedish Johnathan | Christian are delivering a real display of Darkwave elegance. The ability to produce extremely polished songs, solid and catchy, strikes the most. The production is immaculate, but the vocals bring warmth and exudes soulful tremors (“Fallen”). “Before the Dark”, a cover of French “dark” pop diva Mylène… Keep Reading


Ascetic: – Self Initiation

I rarely find brand new bands which I immediately like. I don’t know, it’s difficult for me nowadays. I prefer old school stuff and am used to that kind of sound. I like more harsh and unpolished output. I even prefer some imperfectness, it makes a human touch to music which nowadays is filled with… Keep Reading


Monica Richards – Kindred

I have great respect and admiration towards Monica Richards and her awesome work in the underground scene. She is very talented: singer, composer, writer, graphic designer and illustrator. Monica has earned a true iconic status in the underground scene. I discovered her music in the mid 90’s with Faith And The Muse, sometime later I… Keep Reading


October People – October People

Besides Gothic Rock; the Post Punk-Shoegaze scene is really a booming thing in The New Millennium, and the great thing here is that we have lots of awesome new bands in both music styles, this is a really exciting time for the underground scene. Well, talking again about Post Punk-Shoegaze; I have to say that… Keep Reading


The Foreign Resort – Scattered & Buried

From Copenhagen, Denmark here’s the tastefully melodic and energetic music made by The Foreign Resort. Their influences came from 80’s classics like: Joy Division, NIN, The Chameleons, The Cure, Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, Sonic Youth, Jesus & Mary Chain, and My Bloody Valentine. So here’s a good dose of high quality Post Punk / New… Keep Reading


Soviet Soviet – Fate

The underground scene of Italy is amazing. It has great tradition because it’s rooted in the 80’s, and it is one the biggest points of interest if you are into Post Punk, Gothic, Dark Punk, Death Rock, etc. The Italian bands keep me busy and I’m glad to listening to this non-stop flow of really… Keep Reading


Beastmilk – Climax

It’s time for one of finest Dark Punk acts from Finland. I can say without hesitation that “Climax” is by far, one of the top Post Punk albums from 2013. Beastmilk is a well tuned music machinery, they have craved their own style blending elements of Punk, Post Punk, and Alternative sound; with influences from… Keep Reading

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