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Bloody Dead And Sexy – Bad Ambient

Almost ten years ago I discovered the music of this band; I was browsing on the internet and I read some very positive reviews about “Paint It Red”, their first album. I really enjoyed to those razor-sharp guitars, the quite strong rhythmic section, and that theatrical voice with a very distinctive tone. Sometime later, they… Keep Reading

Interview with She Past Away (English)

She Past Away is for many people THE discovery of 2012. With their blend of styles and influences rooted in the 80’s and their unique vocals in Turkish, they have created a fiercely modern sound, with a captivating and addictive atmosphere. Their dark and cold sound has become a must play on the dancefloors. We took… Keep Reading

Brotherhood – The Dark EP

With a stunning debut album full of melancholy and elegance last year, and an addictive cover of Depeche Mode’s “Photographic”, Brotherhood has already managed to convince many Darkwave – Gothic Rock connoisseurs. Expectations surrounding their new release, The Dark EP, were high. Let me tell you right away, that all expectations are not only fulfilled,… Keep Reading

Kill Your Boyfriend – Kill Your Boyfriend

Kill Your Boyfriend is a new and interesting band based in Treviso, Italy. They have a mixture of Post Punk, 80’s Darkwave, Shoegaze and Punk. You can found some classic influences in their music, but they are under a fresh and pleasant perspective. Their music is exciting and energetic, combined with atmospheric introspection, and you… Keep Reading

Decades – Decades

Decades is a band from Toronto, Canada; and they are doing a very fine and melodic Post Punk / Shoegaze mixed with 80’s New Wave, and some dark Dream-Pop. Their sound is really smooth, full of dreamy passages, emotive melodies, passion, and this is a very interesting debut album. This new band shows here an… Keep Reading


Hana Piranha – Dirty Arrows (Official Video)

Directed and Edited by Arron West Make-up and Special Effects Sara Bryant Camera and Lighting Assistant Dean Rielly With Thanks To Damian Friston Karl and Ann Friston Katy Hay Andrew Armstrong George Day Video Produced by We Were Here Creations LYRICS He bought me with a devil’s kiss, so glamorous I sold my soul for… Keep Reading


NFD – Reformations

This is Gothic rock without compromise, as it should be. NFD without going too far, is one of the bands that inspired me to create this project in which I embarked a little over two years. There is no doubt that this is one of the most anticipated works of the year. It’s been a… Keep Reading


UK Decay – New Hope For The Dead

UK Decay is back! This is the return of one classic band, and they have all of its strength and creative energy. “New Hope For the Dead” is a very impressive come back for this veteran band. UK Decay began in the late 70’s and released that split 7” with Pneumonia, which was followed by… Keep Reading

LowCityRain – LowCityRain

LowCityRain is the poetic name Markus Siegenhort, from post metal band Lantlôs, has chosen for his new solo project, name and album, and that transmits perfectly the atmosphere of this first release. Far from his metal band epic evolving tracks, he will surprise his fans with his elegant, “urban and depressive” -as he states- new… Keep Reading


Interview with Arcane Winter

Arcane Winter is a new project made by very experienced musicians, also they are very well-known names in the underground scene from the UK. This new project includes former members from such bands as: Every New Dead Ghost, The Realm, Lupine, Midnight Configuration, etc. Their music is very guitar-oriented with an exciting and electric sound,… Keep Reading

Decades – Tonight Again (Official Video)

Decades displays here an astonishing combination of Shoegaze, New Wave and Post Punk. It’s a great balance between classic sound and the modern approach to this kind of music styles; we have here a very talented band and top-quality production. Definitely this record has quality, and it’s really worth to check it out. ► by Daniel Olvera… Keep Reading

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