Sundown – 19 (Official Video)

Back in 1997, on March 28th, the last Cemetary album Last Confessions was released. A few months later, on June 24th, your debut album with Sundown was released through Century Media. How was that possible, 2 albums the same year? That means you were really busy composing. Or was Sundown the continuum of Cemetary, under new name, with a new label?

Lodmalm: I think Black Mark held on to the record to ride the promotion from Century Media. Between 90-99 I wrote a lot of music as well, so, it was not that strange at the time.

This is another question related to those albums. Cemetary‘s guitarist was Anders Iwers, who was the new bass player of Tiamat (A Deeper Kind Of Slumber). With Sundown‘s Design 19 your bass player was Johnny Hagel, who left Tiamat and Anders Iwers took his place. I know it sounds very complicated. But believe me, if you see it from outside it’s more complicated. This means you are very close to Tiamat, it’s not a secret. Can you tell me something about those times?

Lodmalm: I must seem really weird I know, but the way it happened was more of a fluke. Anders played bass w/ Tiamat way back in the day for a short period. I shared management w/ Johnny so we met that way. Also Cemetary and Tiamat was never really that close or anything but I can understand that it can seem that way from the outside. Great times though however and we had some fun hanging out together here and there.