The Merry Thoughts – Millennium Done 1: Empire Songs

The Merry Thoughts – Millennium Done 1In the early 90’s, a time that preceded widespread Internet availability and mobile phones were only just capable of making calls let alone be web enabled, access to new non mainstream gothic music was limited.

Yes, there were plenty of new British bands that were touring such as Rosetta Stone, Vendemmian, Midnight Configuration, Nosferatu and The Marionettes to name but a few, but the worldwide Goth scene was still a thing of unknown mystery to us, especially being outside of London.

However Nightbreed Records, the brainchild of ex-Every New Dead Ghost, Midnight Configuration and current Arkane Winter guitarist Trev Bamford, began producing a typed booklet of Cd’s he could get hold of through his Nightbreed Records label. The booklet was complete with a synopsis of who, what and where the artists were from, along with most importantly, what they sounded like. It was through this that the worldwide Goth scene was opened up to our eager ears.

One of a number of bands to be brought to Gothicfox’s attention through the Nightbreed booklet was The Merry Thoughts.

Hailing from Germany, the band had actually been around in one form or another since the mid-eighties, however it wasn’t until 1993 that their ideas were put down into a released format and ‘Millennium Done I: Empire Songs’ was the resulting masterpiece.

Taking over where Vision Thing ended The Merry Thoughts blazed a trail of hook laden songs, providing everything you could ask for in guitar driven Gothic Rock and in Raven’s opinion actually outdoes Eldritch’s aforementioned release.

It contains two of arguably our favourite songs from this period, songs which began to appear on the dancefloors of many a Goth club in the UK after its release; these being ‘Pale Empress’ and ‘Second Generation’. Which would not be out of place if they were released nowadays.

It’s still an album that we have a lot of time for now and in vocalist Marvin Arkham we have one of the closest sounding Eldritch clones that has graced Gothic Rock. If you liked Vision Thing and are a sucker for a catchy chorus then you can do a lot worse than hunt down this classic 90’s Goth album. ► by Raven and The Gothicfox