13 Questions to John Wolf (Your Life On Hold)


by Gwenny Cooman / GNY

What was the very first record you bought?

I think it was ‘Generation Terrorists’ by Manic Street Preachers. Not too goth in fact, but it held a certain promise that things would turn out alright with me in the end. Later, I gave the cd to my brother. Now, I realize I should have kept it!

What is the most expensive record you have bought?

Not sure about that. I’m not the ‘crazy collector’ as I’ve always focused more on my own music instead of collecting things. But I’m proud of what’s in my collection, especially of those out of print ones.  My most precious records are not necessarily the most expensive ones. I treasure the memories attached to a record.

What are your 5 very favorite bands ever?

That changes from time to time. My mood or even the current season influences my opinion on this. Yesterday evening I could possibly have said a dark ambient project like Raison D’être, while writing this I feel more love for, say, Future Sound of London. But all-time favorites are definitely Love Like Blood, Fields of the Nephilim, and The Sisters of Mercy. More recently I’ve added Katatonia to the list. And on the other end of the horizon, I guess Skinny Puppy and Front Line Assembly should be mentioned as personal favorites as well. Oh, and Lou Reed of course! He’s like that good old friend.

Name 5 bands that have changed your life?

The sound of Nine Inch Nails was probably the biggest shock for me and still inspires me today. Christian Death, both Rozz and Valor, influenced me as an adolescent but I rarely listen to it nowadays. The whole darkwave and gothic movement in Germany during the 90’s inspired me in fact. Bands like Das Ich, Placebo Effect, The Eternal Afflict among many others opened a new world for me. And again: Lou Reed.

Name your 3 favorite Gothic Fests?

Every festival with good bands could be worth mentioning here. But in general, I prefer club concerts though. I’m getting too old for big festivals I guess. But I like the cosy ones that are still pretty comfortable, like Amphi or W-Festival.

Name your 3 favorite gigs as a musician and as fan?

As a musician, I treasure our very first gig at a winter edition of W-Festival. Playing live for the first time with the band and doing quite a good performance felt liberating and uplifting. I also loved playing abroad for the first time during the Solar Lodge Convention together with some label mates.

As a fan, I loved seeing Nine Inch Nails in the AB in Brussels, Love Like Blood doing a reunion gig, and more recently Leaether Strip in a small medieval SM basement was surprisingly fun.

Name the most 3 influential albums for you as an artist

Elizium (Fields), The Downward Spiral (NIN), and Concrete Jungle (Dive)

Describe yourself with 3 adjectives

Curious, reflective, and a strong tendency to be melancholic.

What is the most overrated gothic band?

I won’t ever say anything bad about other bands in public! 😉

What is the most underrated gothic band?

Too many to mention.

In which band would you have liked to play live?

I’m very happy with the band(s) I’m playing in right now, but I’d love to be the guitar player of a metal or industrial band someday. Just for fun. Playing guitars for Stabbing Westward, Filter or Amenra: that must be very enjoyable!

Name 3 new gothic bands that have caught your attention lately?

On Spotify, I have this ‘Dark guitars’ playlist with all bands I love (having + 1K followers already). It gets constantly updated. So you will find a lot of stuff there. Worth mentioning are definitely my friends from The Mars Model who had a wonderful single last year with ‘Sister Glory’.

Gothic Rock or Post Punk and why?

Never cared too much about labels. Gothic rock I guess because it has more depth, soul, and class.

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