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Still Patient - Shape ShiftersBack in the day we gave you the review of “Selective Perception“, a 2014 release by this classic Goth rock band called Still Patient?, they came back with renewed energy and some new textures and sounds, and the result was really good. One year later they are here with a new full-length album… (Goth) ROCK ON!!!

They really know their business: “Seconds Of Fame” exudes Goth-Rock tradition and guitar-driven sound; it’s well-crafted amalgam of sublime guitar chords and energetic riffs. This track is such a great opener, and “Swallowed” is the second Goth-Rock assault in a row, this song is even more electric than the first one: It has great rhythm, solid drumming, the bass is really big, and the guitar and the voice go perfectly well together, in perfect harmony.

“Believe In Angels” is a hallucinating mixture of “western” acoustic guitars (you know, dark cowboys stuff) and synthesized sounds; this mid-tempo song has great hook. “Shape Shifters” comes with mystery and this tasty-hypnotic mood.

“We come In Peace” captures the spirit of the “Cataclysm” album in this New Millennium, it has guitar power mixed with synths and great melody; good one! “Red River” displays more synthetized sound, but this one has a thicker sound, is so immersive and atmospheric, this one has great progressions and transitions. The song is really dense; it’s a good take of this band into the progressive-Gothic approach of music.

“Away from me” is deeper than the previous track; atmosphere and great melodic sound here. After the introspection of the previous tracks, we are back on the high-speed track with the Gothic-Rocking sound of “The Devils Bride” great guitars, fluent sound, and faster rhythm here.

“After sundown” goes at vertiginous speed; it’s simply awesome! “Song Of Defeat” has a sober sound, melodic chorus, and a well-constructed arrangement. Old fans rejoice! the final cut is the return of the classic “Mascara Osiris”, it’s “Mascara Osiris II” (from 2012) this monster has come back with renewed body parts!

Great band! They can give us both sides of the coin here: Their execution of traditional Gothic Rock is flawless, and at the same time they have an innovative perspective. They have returned with both the elegance of the classics and the strength of the underground bands of today. I’m really happy with this new release, “Shape Shifters” is one of my favorite albums of this year so far; don’t miss it! ► by Daniel Olvera


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