Still Patient? – Selective Perception


Still Patient - Selective Perception EP (2014)Here’s some new stuff by Still Patient? and they’re back with this great EP and renewed strength. In my personal experience “Cataclysm” was the first Still Patient? album that I listened back in the day (those glorious 90’s!) Since then I noticed how the band was moving forward, giving new twists to their sound (You know: from the guitar oriented Gothic Rock of “Salamand”, to the awesome mix of Gothic Rock, and synthesized sounds and drum machine power in “Cataclysm”, and they go forward with the stunning atmospheres of “Nightmare Arrival”, etc.) And the band is keeping alive that innovative edge in this new release.

What I really love about this new EP is the fact that this band is doing something different: They are not that kind of band who is trying to be the same band that they were 20 years before; they are the total opposite thing here. They sound like a new band, they sound like a band from The New Millennium with innovative ideas, a refreshing perspective of Gothic Rock, and lots of strength.

This is Gothic Rock with total capital “R”: The voice is more straight-forward and passionate, instead of the cold somber tone of the classic releases, they have added ubber Rocking-loud guitars and live drumming, this sound is totally organic, and the rhythm and melody of the songs are highly contagious.

“All Is Well” is a fire-starter loud-rocking Gothic music, with incendiary guitar sound and vertiginous rhythm; this is hot stuff. “Screaming Red Roses” has strong pace, and this highly- refined guitar work: You can listen to the sublime and distinctive Gothic Rock chords in the background, and the guitar sounds became slightly louder creating some climatic moments. They did a great work here. “Impact” has everything to be a great song: it has passion, elegance, and intensity; this track is perfectly balanced. “Anavryn” sounds like a perfect song for the highway, it’s like a driving-fast experience with dominant guitars. “The Brood Of Liars” has somber melody, and is so introspective; the guitars are here rising the intensity to the max, especially in the chorus. This is a finely crafted track.

I really enjoyed this EP you will be singing these songs and you will press “repeat” again, and again. After listening to this EP, I can´t wait for a new full-length of Still Patient. This is a great work.’  ► by Daniel Olvera

Still Patient? – Selective Perception (2014)
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