Star Industry – The Renegade

Star Industry - The RenegadeBelgium’s Star Industry have successfully delivered another slab of Vision Thing era Sisters, via The Merry Thoughts, Gothic Rock, with their 5th Full length Album, The Renegade.

Packed full of catchy choruses, guitar riffs and keyboard wizardry matched with Peters excellent vocals, this album cements Star Industry’s place as the twenty-teen’s leading light in the hook laden, guitar driven section of Gothic Rock.

From the start of the first note on Eilyne, the listener is magnetically propelled towards the dancefloor, the heartbeat altering sound and the addictive progression of the track makes you take notice and believe me there will be no let up as the album continues.

‘Selling Icons’ is a cracking anthem with a piano backing, driving guitars and the ability for the chorus to get lodged in your mind, this is the definite album favourite, with Raven sharing and sharing again on his own Facebook music recommendation Group. This along with the title track, the epic “The Renegade”, with its dark choral start and the hauntingly beautiful vocals make these his choices for standout tracks.

‘Revelation’ borrows from Nine Inch Nails industrial groove back catalogue, and adds a repetitive funky bassline to produce a slightly different track to the guitar driven catchy highs of the rest of the album. ‘Dark Rain’ is another track that stands up on its own, with a more keyboard led feel, but still consisting of the catchy singalong chorus.

On ‘Reign On Fire’ the vocals become darker and more McCoy like, but still produce a riff heavy, chorus led anthem. This album will hit you on first listen, it will have you begging for more by the second listen and after the third listen it will have placed itself firmly in to your subconscious. This album really is THAT good. But don’t just take our words for it, go and buy this album and judge for yourselves. ► by Raven and The Gothicfox


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