Soror Dolorosa sign with Prophecy Productions


Soror Dolorosa - Silver SquareParis-based Soror Dolorosa (engl.: Sister Pain) belong to the most visionary contemporary groups in the blend of Gothic/Death Rock and Cold Wave. The band name comes from the novel “Bruges-la-morte” by Flemish symbolist writer Georges Rodenbach, which is marked by nostalgia and mourning, thus perfectly encapsulating Soror Dolorosa’s aesthetic aspirations.

The quintet surrounding charismatic front man Andy Julia already impressed us with its earlier releases – the “Severance” EP (2009), “Blind Scenes” (2011) and “No More Heroes” (2013) – as well as several energetic live performances, so we are very happy to welcome Soror Dolorosa to Prophecy’s artist roster. At the moment, the band is working on its ambitious third (double) album, “Apollo”, for the first time implementing elements from new wave, shoegaze and impressionist acoustic parts to their trademark sound.

“Apollo” as well as re-issues of Soror Dolorosa‘s entire back catalogue are tentatively scheduled for release in 2016.

Andy Julia on the conclusion of the contract: “Prophecy is the best label for us to realize such ambitious project, they know how to promote music as a major art, producing absolute beautiful pieces of sound with their bands – and this for many years. It seems that there is a scene in France that grew from the partnership with Prophecy with bands like Alcest and Les Discrets, our heartbrothers; and today, we can say that we’re a part of it.” (Source: Prophecy Records)



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