Silene – All Our Yesterdays

Silene ‎– All Our YesterdaysIf the thought of Karen Carpenter singing over a backing of classic Mission/ All about Eve style Gothic Rock then Finnish 5 piece Silene, headed by the soothing vocals of Katinka, may well be a band you should check out. When this album appeared on the reviewing desk, neither of us had ever heard of Silenebut after a bit of research and a number of listens to the CD, a picture of the band has started to form.

Having formed in 2004 the band released their debut “107 Raven Road” EP, followed by the “In the middle” EP in 2008. The debut cd “All Our Yesterdays” which this review is of, was released in 2012, features 13 tracks, 3 of which are up to date interpretations of 3 tracks from the debut EP.

The quality of Katinka’s vocals is apparent throughout this album but none so more than on the amazing “107 Raven road” which is the albums acoustic offering. This track takes your soul on a journey and makes you crave more of the raw unplugged sound.

It is a refreshing change to hear piano and guitar played on this album which introduces an almost folk style influence reminiscent of the calming days of All About Eve and early Inkubus Sukkubus. This mixed with a touch of electronica infused into a couple of the tracks, make this an equally appealing album to lovers of old school goth and also the more dancefloor style adopted nowadays. The choruses are catchy as hell and you are left with the songs playing in your head, long after you have moved on to your next ear pleasing gothic delight.

A new EP “Unseen memories” was released last year and you can be rest assured that we will be tracking this down as we are now converts to “The sound of Silene” ► by Raven and The Gothicfox


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