Shadowplay – From Darkness To Light


Shadowplay - From Darkness To LightNamed after the song created by the legendary Joy Division, Shadowplay can’t deny their Post Punk heritage; they are doing a pretty well balanced combination of Post Punk- Cold Wave and Gothic Rock, and actually they are pretty good at it, because this album has both energy and substance. “Out Of Control” is great opening theme, the bass lines are catchy, loud and clear, they are a pretty solid structure for the entire sonic architecture constructed by Shadowplay; this is a great dose of energy, and it will make you move for sure! “Transformation” is like a cascade of guitars, the rhythm flows like electricity through the wire and this has elegance at the same time; tasty Post Punk-Gothic track here.

“No Horizon” has Cold Wave sound and pounding percussions, the guitar work is highly refined here; this one will take you to a place which is between Sisters Of Mercy’s “Flood” and Cure’s “Siamese Twins”, with some chords reminiscent of Asylum Party; pretty fine! “Falling Down” is Post Punk to the bone, pretty in the vein of Joy Division; and they did this with class.

“A Touch From The Distance” is an atmospheric instrumental tune with distant sampled voices; it is kind of a touch of suspense for this album, and it’s followed by the synthesized chords at the beginning of “Reflections”, this song is really passionate. In “Fading Moments” the intensity goes to a higher point, the rhythm and guitars are vertiginous, and the melody is pretty contagious here, this song is the real deal. “Times Like These” (Extended) made me think in Escape With Romeo, this song has strong percussions, dynamic rhythm, smooth guitar sound, lots of passion, and elegance. “Only A Game” is crafted in a similar cast of the previous track; but this one is warmer, it has more emphasis on the melodic side of their sound, and it’s very emotive. The mood in “Heartache” fits pretty well with the song tittle; it’s like a lament for the lost romance, and it has drama.

After some moments in total silence we have secret track, and it sounds optimistic compared with the previous tune; despite this, we can perceive some nostalgic feel in this one. Keep an eye on this band, Shadowplay have delivered a pretty well assembled album, we are dealing here with songs above 4 minutes, and despite this, time runs fast while we are listening to this record. The title “From Darkness To Light” fits pretty well to the music of Shadowplay; check this one, definitely it is worth of your time. ► by  Daniel Olvera

Shadowplay – From Darkness To Light (2013)
Holy Hour Records


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