Sex Gang Children ‎– Viva Vigilante!

Sex Gang Children -– Viva Vigilante (2013)And the history says….

“One of the groups coming up at the same time as Southern Death Cult was Sex Gang Children, and Andi — he used to dress like a Banshees fan, and I used to call him the Gothic Goblin because he was a little guy, and he’s dark. He used to like Édith Piaf and this macabre music, and he lived in a building in Brixton called Visigoth Towers. So he was the little Gothic Goblin and his followers were Goths. That’s where GOTH came from.”

Ian Astbury of The Cult, (Alternative Press Nov. 1994).

In case you didn’t know that’s the origin for the term Goth Music, Gothic Rock. I love the music of Sex Gang Children; those glorious times of “Song And Legend”, that exquisite album called “Medea”, or the impressive “Bastard Art”, this is to name at least a few of the wonderful albums created by this band through the years.

Andy Sex Gang is a one of a kind artist: He is innovative, provocative, and passionate. He is a prolific song-writer with unlimited imagination and arousing sensibility. The work of Andy Sex Gang has an experimental edge: As an artist he dares to go to unexpected places, and he does this like anybody else. The magic of Sex Gang Children resides in the fact that this artist always captures the on-stage experience, and he translates this experience in to great albums (And I’m talking here of Sex Gang Children and his solo-albums as well) “Hollywood Slim” kick starts this new record; this track is powerful and unique: The rhythm section has a hammering and heavy pace; the guitar work adds the proper dose of electricity, and the voice waxes and wanes with unique grace here. “Religion Free Zone” is another mid-tempo song with a delicious combination of overwhelming density and fluent acoustic sound; great song!.

“Conversation” is theatrical with some surreal noir-film suspense, and distorted atmosphere; this is a very brief track and it is interesting. “Salamund Child” is simply delicious; and Andy Sex Gang is a master creating these songs with this influence of Oriental music, this song has a captivating exoticism. “The Messenger” is acoustic sound accompanied by this highly-dramatic vocal performance, ¡What an artist! “Bleed England” is so emotive; it has entrancing melody and passion.

“Sunset Of Crow” goes darkly acoustic, and it’s kinda epic. ”All American Heart” has some psychedelic melancholy and introspection (remember that tribute album to Marianne Faithful) “Genocide” has playful spirit and some very special energy. “Death Squad Diva” has this high- voltage guitar sound and arousing density, Andy combines these elements with his very distinctive melodic passages, and the result is just mind blowing; I love this track! “Die Trabue” is the opposite side regarding to the previous track, because it is like an oasis of peace and serenity (at the beginning) the musical tension goes in crescendo and this song reaches some peaks of high intensity. “Urania” is hallucinating atmosphere; this one sounds like if someone is catching strange waves from the outer-space. “Pigs To Men” combines the pace of a ballad with some crushing strength it’s a very unique song.

I say this again: Andy Sex Gang is a great artist; he has been in a non-stop creative process since the 80’s, and he is having a great moment here with this album. I’m very pleased with this release by Sex Gang Children

¡Viva Vigilante! And ¡Viva Sex Gang Children► by Daniel Olvera


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