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Secret Sight - Day-.-Night-.-Life (2014)Secret Sight is a new band from Ancona, Italy; and our regular readers already know about the high level of quality in the underground scene from that country. Despite being a very young band, they have a well-defined concept, and a clear vision. They are doing a pretty well balanced combination of Gothic and Post Punk; and this band sounds really well. This is their first full-length, and they have previously released a self-produced E.P. They did a pretty good work here.

“Conquest” kick starts this album with dynamic and energetic Post Punk sound; they have a perfect pace in the rhythm section, great guitar work, and the voice fits pretty well to the Post Punk musical direction of this band, this is a perfect introductory song. “Earth Overflows” has the addition of Gothic Rock elements such as the rhythm (pace of the drumming & bass lines, guitar chords), this song is classy. “Under This Truth” is really awesome Gothic Rock, and it flows like electricity, the music of Secret Sight displays elegance and strength like no one, top track here. Next track is “Life” and the scale is pretty well balanced again between the Goth guitar chords and the verse, plus the Post Punk tones of the chorus; and add to this mixture some passionate vocal performance: The result is a tasty combination of musical textures.

“Indelible” has great rhythm and energy, the melody goes at mid speed here; but this song is pretty solid. This album doesn’t give you a break: “Need” has this powerful rhythm section and incendiary guitar work; this song is pure energy! “Long Line” is refined, and perfectly assembled; it features of all the strong points displayed by Secret Sight in this album. “If You Turn” is the final track and it keeps the initial momentum created by the stunning first track; this album is like an adrenaline rush from the beginning to the end: They are consistent, their sound is awesome and they NEVER get slow or boring, and I really like that.

This record has only eight tracks but this has no waste, “Day-Night-Life” is definitely an album worth of your time and money. This is the Post Punk album that Gothic Rock enthusiasts will love. Nice work!! ► by Daniel Olvera

Secret Sight – Day​.​Night​.​Life (2014)
Red Cat Records


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