Schonwald – Dream For The Fall

Schonwald - Dream For The Fall (2014)“Dream for the Fall…” were the first words moaned on this album, and it perfectly sums the concepts and imagery portrayed on the first track Crystallized; an endless waltz of shadows. The music itself feels like cascading through a dream, hypnotic, entrancing and maliciously delicate. The dream endures into chaos with Deep Metals, an amazing tribal electro post-punk set, veiled in icy vocals. The cold delivery depicts an apathetic future, it’s ambiance churns a beautiful turmoil.

Triangle is retro and unrelenting, the catchy ebow driven guitar wails empty space into reverberating caverns. Achrome will make you sway sideways like a dying tree. Star Rex echos the walls in a brooding trance. Rays is optimistic, blissful…emitting ghostly messages through a trance. Lower Lovers stomps down the runway in heavy bitch-mode; and finally Neon reiterates the points of the former, though a final ambient track would have been really nice to hear…(I AM SO HARD TO PLEASE!)

This Italian duo (Alessandra and Luca) began in 2009 with their debut Amplified Nature on Pocket Heaven Records. This release Dream for the Fall is a phenomenal sequel to which I hope further lifts the notoriety of this amazing ensemble.

Schonwald are evil, dark, dismal, empty,…and it’s exquisite. This eight track album was a very pleasant surprise; fusing dark minimal electronics with 80’s dance synth, yet they still manage to sound so modern with Alessandra’s android like voice laying heavenly atop like snow. I hope to hear more from this band in the future. ► by Dj Detra

Schonwald – Dream For The Fall (2014)
Manic Depression / Anywawe
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