Salvation AMP – Earth We Walk Upon


earth we walk uponFormed in Detmold in 2010, ‘Earth We Walk Upon’ is German 3 piece Salvation Amp’s follow up to 2013’s ‘Hidden faces’. A wind swept instrumental provides an atmospheric intro, stunning guitar work played as if it is telling a story of someone trying to survive at sea.

When the voice of Christ-Ian does appear it does not disappoint, deep and melancholic for the majority of the album but with the ability to rise higher when required. Interestingly the overall sound is like a scaled back version of Red Sun Revival’s opulence, with nods to The Chameleons and Death Cult/Dreamtime era The Cult in their jangly guitar work and Pink Floyd with slow paced guitar solos.

This is demonstrated on track three, ‘Oxygen’, a beautiful mix of emotional vocals and catchy guitar work that makes you stop doing whatever you are doing and demands you not only listen to it but to feel and absorb it.  The album continues to intensify as “Anachron” kicks in and the vocals become, darker and more emotional and the accompanying music could place this song as a title track to a Gothic Superhero movie.

The anthemic ‘Way’ starts with a slowed down riff straight out of Sex Pistols territory and then builds into a catchy melodic rocker providing us with our highlight of the album.
‘Prince of silence’ has a change of style and has a straight forward early 80’s indie vibe. It sounds a lot lighter than anything else of the CD. It still maintains the jangly guitars however the vocals are a lot higher and it really adds something different to the album. The title track has a strong post punk/Interpol influence musically, however the vocals are firmly in the gothic territory.
This album with its many qualities pushes it forward as a very strong candidate for the top release of 2015. Make sure you check this album out before deciding on yours. ► by Raven and The Gothicfox


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