Saigon Blue Rain – What I Don’t See

Saigon Blue Rain - What I Don't See (2014)I must say, this album was a pleasant surprise. My first impression listening to the first few tracks was that it reminded me a bit of Scarlet Leaves with its dreamy guitars and female fronted vocals. Saigon Blue Rain began in September of 2012 under the name ‘Stupid Bitch Reject’, a name that doesn’t quite fit the effervescence of this band’s lush and beautiful sound. This French duo: Ophilia SBR and Franck SBR really have something special here; intertwining great styles of music that branch into something enchanting, sombre, and at times dance friendly. This is an album I’m sure many will enjoy.

The first songs Queen Ephemeria and So Cold are fined tuned to your inner spirit, like watching a sunrise. Clean guitar tones and heavenly vocals make for a pleasant soundtrack to have playing in the background while laying about the house. Corps Astral, the third track, will carry you into the night with rushing trance beats and blissful guitar work.

On Borlialis the music switches gears a bit for a dance friendly foray into divine stars. This ethereal wave act combines the best aspects of cold wave and shoe-gaze with danceable songs sprinkled throughout. I Wanna Be You really picks up the pace and had me dancing in my kitchen; an enchanting dream scape of a song that flows brilliantly into the title track What I don’t See.

If one were curious as to whether they would enjoy this album, I would highly recommend starting with Beyond the Stone; my absolute favorite track, a beautiful bass line inviting the listener to Ophilia’s truth and enchantment. The flow slows down on Lovelorn, which makes me wish there was a lyrics sheet so I could decipher whom is being lovelorn for what!

Break the Disease cascades into your mind like a trip-hop inspired daze, flowing like water. This ten track album concludes with the song L’Offrande (The Offering) giving the listener a celestial farewell sending you off to look forward to what else this band may have in store for us.

What I Don’t See will be the bands first album release on Cold Insanity Records. To see more news and information on this band’s future projects, for fans of ethereal and cold-wave (with slight electronics that cause trance and dance) I highly recommend everyone to stop and give this exquisite album a listen. You won’t be disappointed. ► by Dj Detra


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