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Ritual Reaper – Necessary Evil ➤ (album preview)



In the year of 2012 when everyone was awaiting for the end of the world, three individuals embarked on a mutual journey to craft a new chapter of their creative efforts combined. The distilled essence of their interest in the occult, spiritualism, alchemy, the darker realms of the unknown and visions of the post apocalyptic world soon concocted into the sound which were to be presented under the banner of “Ritual Reaper”.

Their first effort became the “Plague ridden kingdom” EP that was released through Nightripper Records (limited to 500 vinyls). Buy HERE

With great reviews they were strengthened and encouraged with the task to write a follow up but it became a more painstaking and time consuming process than ever expected. But in the end new material was realized and presented to Gothic music who willingly wanted to release the new music.

Check it out 13 Questions to Viva Sartago

What was the very first record you bought?

I remember sitting at the music class lesson in 4th grade. The last ten minutes of each lesson the students could choose any song they wanted and a classmate chose “Love Bites”. That changed me totally! I got a crazy feeling inside. That moment changed my life. The first record I bought was Judas Priest’s “ Defenders Of The Faith (Read the complete interview)


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