Return To The Batcave Festival 2015

SHADOWHOUSEReturn To The Batcave Festival 2015 will take place in Wroclaw (Poland) on 15-18.10.2015. Venue: CRK (ul.Jagiellończyka 10c/d – Wrocław)


13th Chime (UK)
Agent Side Grinder (SE)
Frank The Baptist (DE/USA)
Eyaculacion Post-Mortem (ES)
Shadowhouse (USA)
Varsovie (FR)
Geometric Vision (IT)
Elvira And The Bats (FR)
Masquerade (FI)
Ash Code (IT)
Wieże Fabryk (PL)
Kandahar (PL)
Weird Candle (CA)
Aviaries (PL)


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