Reptyle – Night And The River


Reptyle - Night And The River (2014)Reptyle could be considered as one of the pioneering acts of new millennium wave of Gothic Rock. What I like a lot about this band is the fact that they have established a unique style. They have influence of great classic Gothic Rock bands, but Reptyle sounds like nobody and nobody sounds like them. They have perfectly drawn in their minds what is what they want to do; and as musicians they have the talent and the skills to transform those ideas into great Gothic Rock songs with capital “R” and I have to say that their music has a heart and soul of its own. This German band has more than ten years of experience; previously they have released two albums and one EP. “Night And The River” is their third full-length album and they are in a great moment as a band: They have both the experience and this guitar-driven music with great strength and passion.

“Ghosts And Machines” is the opening track and from this very moment you can appreciate how unique is their rendition of the Gothic Rock music: These traditional harmonies and guitar work, mixed with those loud-rocking chorus, and the voice has a very distinctive tone. “Morning Heir” has High voltage guitars, and it goes from 0 to 100 Km/ hour in seconds; and it is a good example of how powerful and melodic can be the music of Reptyle. “What’s In A Moment?” has great passion and wonderful guitars, this song is mid-tempo and the rhythm section has an awesome performance here. “The Age Of Love” begins with some dark tranquility, this atmosphere is the prelude to an amazing storm of vertiginous rhythm and powerful guitars; this song is such a discharge of wild guitar-driven Gothic Rock.

“Night And The River” will take you to a pleasant and quiet place; you will be surrounded by this dark sound which has all the flavor of the Gothic Rock classics; and suddenly they take you to those chorus with emotive melody and intensity. “Ghosts Ships For Tomorrow” is simply brilliant, a perfect blend of melody and power; is stunning!

“Ways Of Fate” has Rocking guitar riffs; and they have constructed this pretty interesting instrumental tune. “Rose Imperial” is pure delight. Maybe you can think in FOTN, especially because of the vocal tone, but at the end they have developed something different in this exquisite song; great work here. “The Long last” will make you move since the beginning; this one rocks really loud and it’s electric. “Pictures That Stay” combines (again) strength and passion in a brilliant manner; Reptyle executes this combination with sheer excellence. And this was the final track…Have to say that I want more! I really enjoyed so much this album; is a total gem.

Reptyle has the flavor of the German Gothic Rock from the 90’s combined with the strength, and the stunning sound of the bands from The New Millennium. Gothic Rock devotees; don’t miss this one!! ► by Daniel Olvera

Reptyle – Night And The River (2014)
Equinox Records

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