Red Sun Revival – Identities

Red Sun Revival – IdentitiesRed Sun Revival are one of the UK’s leading lights in Gothic Music who formed in London in 2011. Identities is the follow up to their debut album ‘Running from the Dawn’ with ep Embers sandwiched in between the two from which a re-recorded version of ‘Mistakes’ features on the new cd. (EP Version will be part of This is Gothic Rock Vol.3)

Since their inception they have gradually built upon their ground breaking prog-goth sound and with ‘Identities’ they have delivered what the Embers EP hinted at. Rob‘s voice is an emotion filled wonder and truly unique, a rare treat that he does not sound like a McCoy or Eldritch clone, like so many frontmen.

Match this with Panos and Matt’s extraordinary guitar work, intricate playing that then bursts forth into majestic well-paced solos and not forgetting the amazing Christine Emery and the haunting, mesmeric tunes that flow effortlessly from her Violin. The always welcome addition of Simon Rippin on drums is a guarantee of quality and add the production genius of Stephen Carey and you can see why this album will not only make its mark with the listeners of the Third Wave of Goth, but will likely become a classic that will deserve its place in Goth’s hall of fame.

There are no weak tracks on display with personal favourites being ‘The Reckoning’, a true epic of a song with maze like guitar playing, a killer bass line, swirling keyboards and Rob’s vocal ability on full display and ‘The Condemned’, where the vocals are hypnotically beautiful and just flow impeccably and the amalgamation of all the instruments in the background just give it a wonderful Symphonic feel.

If you are ever fortunate to have an opportunity to catch this band live, never turn it down. Their delivery is flawless and the stage presence exudes confidence without any air of self-importance. A band definitely to be reckoned with and with ‘Identities’ we have a contender for best release of the year. ► by Raven and The Gothicfox

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