Reactive Black – Upcoming Evil

Reactive Black - Upcoming Evil (2007 - 2008)Reactive Black is a talented and very innovative duo based in Hamburg. They have done a very interesting combination if musical styles, they are doing Gothic Rock with heavy guitars, their sound is dark, powerful, and very rich because they have mixed some electronic elements too (synths, drum machines), and a very assertive use of keyboards.

This hybrid style of Gothic Rock with hard sound is really attractive. Frank is the consummated Axe-Man; providing their skills as guitar player, and he is in charge of all the other instruments, and songwriting in almost all the tracks of this album. Saskia Skeleton has this unique, dark, and captivating voice. She has style and attitude, lots of it. Her voice is a very distinctive feature of the sound of Reactive Black.

This album was self-produced, and they did a very remarkable work recording and mixing this “Upcoming Evil”; which is a very interesting debut.”Days of decay” begins with programmed sequences and drum machines; then the guitar bursts, and takes us to the organic and strong sound; followed by the voice of Saskia. This is a good introduction to the unique sound of this band.

“Dancing on your grave” is more aggressive at the beginning; and the voice of Saskia and the keyboards combined, changes the equation totally. It develops into a dark sound with great atmosphere; the choruses are Goth Rock at its best. This track is very contagious. “Drifters” has a stunning combination of organ-sound in the keyboards, and heavy guitars. It’s their distinctive and quite strong and dark Gothic sound. This track is well constructed; they alternate melody and power in such a great way. T

he dark love song “Drifters” is very charming and seductive. Its musicality is really captivating; great track.”Endless” is an outbreak of the great energy that Reactive Black can generate, combined with some good dose of melody in the chorus. This track has great influence of finest 80’s Rock.”Evil is” has the mesmerizing dark melody, which can make you fall into a deep trance. Very danceable and seductive; also this one has influence of 80’s Rock too.

”My Darkest Dreams” has a combination of melodic and captivating Gothic Rock with keyboards, combined with amazing Heavy guitar riffs. “My memories” has lots of sensuality and is very involving at the beginning; they have a good timing when combining the slow-tempo passages, with the more energetic moments in which the guitar has the leading part. “Peace of my refuge” could be the heaviest track of the record; is mid-tempo and has good changes. It goes from the heavy riffs at the beginning; to some melodic choruses at the end. “When I’m dreaming” is some relaxing and contemplative track; this is a very atmospheric instrumental tune.

Very recommendable debut album, their music is exciting and captivating. This combination of styles is very enjoyable and they did a great work recording and mixing this album. This is really good from the beginning to the end.. ► by Daniel Olvera


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