Quasimodo – Liberty, Equality, Atrocity


QuasimodoQuasimodo is another really good surprise of the Underground scene, from The New Millennium. This is a new band based in Leeds UK; they started with Quasimodo in 2011, but they have experience with bands such as Action Directe, Rome Burns and Dawn Of Elysium.

They are doing some really fine Gothic Rock music with a refreshing approach. Quasimodo has a very distinctive sound, which is combined with some really cool influences from underground classics of the 80’s and the 90’s. They have a good combination of strength, great musicality and catchy melodies. Joel Heyes is in charge of the vocals and guitar, Daevid Frampton displays his skills in the guitar, and Emma Hedley controls the rhythm section; with her bass- guitar.

This release has some really good musical variety; every song is different and this debut EP is quite enjoyable. “Soldier of love” is sui generis; the rhythm is emphatic, followed by the keyboard, and the guitars are constructing their harmonies around it, the voice has intensity and some slight raw tone. This song is mid-tempo but solid as a wall. “Urbane Guerrilla” is an assault of Gothic Rock with great melody, and contagious chorus.

This is such a well constructed track; somehow, it made me think in the Lords Of The New Church, in their finest moments. “Precious Thing” is simply delicious, this song has great guitar work, and the rhythm from the drum machine, and those bass lines, will make you move; because this is pretty danceable. This song is really seductive. ”Be Cruel!” has some Neo-classical influences and the sound of the piano almost has the main role in this track. “Though Love” begins with some synths; and then it explodes with some loud riffs, which sounds like Garage-Punk, leading to those climatic guitar solos. This track has great strength. “Atrocity Girl” has an awesome combination of power and melody.

They blend darkness and elegance in their music, in the good tradition of The Damned; what a great conclusion for this debut EP. Definitely I want to listen more songs, more releases from this band. This is quality stuff, and it’s so good from the beginning, to the end. They have experience, great ideas, and lots of talent; and that’s because this EP is such a good option for Gothic Rock devotees. ► by Daniel Olvera


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