Psyyke – Äänitteitä 1983-1985


Psyyke - Äänitteitä 1983-1985 (2013)Psyyke is a Finnish goth post punk band from the city of Pori, and they were originally born from the ashes of Arbeit Macht Frei. The band only had this name for a short time.

Psyyke released back in 1983 a 7″ called Temppeli | Neandertal. They’ve released a few demo cassettes, and now we have this kind of compilation called Äänitteitä, which contains material from those tapes, and I have to say this material deserves the label of brilliant old school post punk at its best. I was really surprised the first time I listened to this record, because I was expecting very raw material near demolished by time, tape-sound, but one thing is a fact: the material is raw.

Also, their singer Jallu Korpi warned me ”this sounds really bad, only the most loyal fans will understand this”. The reality is that it’s better than I expected in many ways. This compilation sounds really good to be almost 30 yeas old. The sound is raw and powerful, and to be honest, some of the versions on this compilation are better than on the debut album ”Päästä eläin esiin” (released back in 1996) in some way. The band is still alive and I saw them 2 times already.

It is unbelievable how this band keeps the spirit alive. Old school in your face, and if you don’t know them, it’s time to change that. For me it was a real experience to see this band live. This compilation has 13 tracks and I really don’t know how many copies exist, because it’s a cdr, but the band members told me this is ver exclusive material for their loyal fans. Jallu Korpi was kind enough to bite one of its corners, a thing that makes it potentially even more valuable for collectors. I highly recommend this band. If you like bands such as UK Decay, don’t miss this one. ► by Oskar Terramortis


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