Psyyke – 1983 / 1985

Psyyke - 1983 - 1985 (2014)Here we have another hidden treasure coming out from the 80’s Finnish underground, a definitive piece of influence for the contemporary Post Punk scene of Finland. In few words (and as i used to say) this is the good and old Finnish raw and dark, Old-School Post Punk. Psyyke managed to blend the darker sound of Post Punk music (think about some Positive Punk, and Batcave 80’s bands; in the vein of Southern Death Cult, Sex Gang Children, UK Decay, Theatre Of Hate, etc.) with the raw and electrifying Finnish Punk sound. This incendiary power lives in the heart and soul of Finnish Post Punk, until today…

The darkness explodes with the passionate intensity of “Templei”, this one has traditional Post Punk bass sound, pounding rhythm, and very fluent guitar sound. This song is an excellent opener. And suddenly everything just explodes right in your face, with the primal power of “Neondental”; the guitar riffs are as sharp as a hacksaw, and the chords are merciless, the sound has some resemblance to the Garage-Punk music, and it is pure adrenaline. The sonic assault continues with “Vallanlopu”, this is hot stuff: Darkened-Wicked Roc k ’n’ Roll with some reminiscences of Alien Sex Fiend, and this song gets even more Punk-sounding and wild during the choruses. “Musta Kahvia” is claustrophobic-anguish sound; it has this frenetic-obsessing rhythm, which rises the tension to the max.

The next track is “Soi Pianoni”, and this one releases the enormous pressure from the previous track with those dynamic bass lines, which made me think in Southern Death Cult. “Hiljaiset Tunnit” is total darkness; and the voice is like a desperate scream trying to don’t get drowned in the oppressing atmosphere. ”Päästä eläin esiin” has this kind of primitive-obscure tones, in the vein of UK Decay. “Sininen Moskeija” will take you to a more comfortable place, compared with the strong emotions from the previous tracks; is a “quiet song” (in the standards of Psyyke; of course) and it has melody and atmosphere.

”Aivokuolema 1” kicks-tarts the B-side of this LP, and it is an excellent song: It is Gothic-Post Punk at its finest. “Doriksen Orgiat” is a perfect definition of what Dark Punk is all about. The first chords from “Silkkimeri” will make you believe that you are listening to some lost tape Warsaw, and it’s another great example of Dark Punk sound. “Syntymäpäivä” is a wild and vertiginous song. “Aivokuolema 2”comes with light speed and is like a force of nature; is another very exciting song. “Antaudun!” has great rhythm and fluent guitar sound, this one is dynamic and melodic at the same time; I really like it.

“Täydenkuun Juhla” is total Punk adrenaline. The same description applies to this High-Voltage tune called “Noidat”. The sonic assault here is restless and it lasts from the first to the last track; awesome stuff: Dark, raw and incendiary (And I really like it so much). If you are into the new batch of Dark Punk bands, you will see that Psyyke is one of their definitive influences. Because of this, the sound of Psyyke is kind of modern again. Don’t miss this one if you like adrenaline and powerful-exciting music! ► by Daniel Olvera

Psyyke – 1983 / 1985 (2014)
Svart Records


PSYYKE - 1983


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