The Flatfield ‎– Manie Sans Délire (CD)

The Flatfield ‎– Manie Sans Délire (CD)


The Flatfield was formed in 2011. At that time, Ville Grey (vocals and synth) and J. Ravine (guitar) wrote the first songs for the embryo of the gothic band. From the very beginning, the band has sought to cherish the tradition of gothic/post-punk music and aesthetics. A few months later, bassist Juha and drummer Jaska joined the band. The line-up was complete and the band engaged in consolidating its musical idea. The band adopted the name The Flatfield, an obvious reference to Bauhaus-classic binding the band to the trajectory of the gothic scene. In early-2014 The Flatfield releases its debut album ‘Passionless’ and also appears on the compilations Black Lips and Long Raincoats (due to be released in summer 2014) and Let’s Peter Out released on 2 May 2014 by the Gothenburg based dark alternative label Peter Out Records. Synth-player Risto Juntunen joined The Flatfield line-up in March 2014.

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