Sonsombre – The Veils Of Ending (CD)

Sonsombre – The Veils Of Ending (CD)


Firmly rooted in the Goth Rock tradition of bands like The Wake, Nosferatu, and the Fields of the NephilimSonsombre evokes the sound and feel of the early 90’s second wave.  Founding member, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Brandon Pybus is a long-time veteran of the metal underground, with more than 12 releases to date with bands such as LycanthropyEye of the SunSuhgurimShield Breaker, and Wytch Goat.   In 2016, with a desire to return to the melodic roots and sounds of the classic Goth bands that shaped the genre, but with a nod to modern classics such as NFDSonsombre was conceptualized.

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