Canis Lupus ‎– Shape Of The Ghost (CD)

Canis Lupus ‎– Shape Of The Ghost (CD)

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As far as we know it, the egg where impregnated a wet evening during the Augustibuller 1999 festival. The drummer Andreas, the former bass-player Daniel L, and the singer Robert decided to start play goth-rock. Later on during a night out (not so wet, just moisty) the guitarists Christer and Daniel S learned about the plans, and soon after the band started. Canis Lupus was born. After the forming, a number of concerts followed, member-changes, reposts, and a couple of keyboarders came, went, and came back again. Between 2001 and 2002 a demo trilogy was recorded and during that time the existing crew was established. Robert – vocals, Daniel S and Christer – guitars, Tony – bass and Andreas – drums. 2 more demo recordings and a number of gigs followed until the band was eventually disbanded in 2006, after making a single-song re-recording of Symmetry together with renowned producer Rickard Löfgren from Bay Laurel.

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