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People Of Nothing -– People Of Nothing (2014)I’m really impressed with the Post Punk scene of The New Millennium, it’s like a non-stop thing and there are lots of wonderful bands releasing awesome albums. And also I’m really impressed with this project called People Of Nothing and it’s awesome musicianship and talent.
People of Nothing is a cold wave/indie group established in Dublin by multi-instrumentalist Florian Chombart. Influenced by late 80s post-punk, the group’s sound oscillates between soaring, cinematic synths, industrial beats and shoe-gaze guitar. In my opinion I have to say that the music created by this artist called Florian Chombart is a very refined Post Punk- Cold wave with some traces of Shoegaze and a melancholic-obscure dream pop, and I have to mention the admiration of Chombart for some awesome and cult soundtracks as well.

This gives a very personal vision of the Post Punk music coming out of this project. This is very charming, entrancing and it has a heart and soul of its own.
“Hold” is so refined and darkly-elegant, this song is really smooth and tasty, and we are captivated and intrigued about what it will come next in this album. “Haircut The Grass” is energetic Post Punk it’s so lively and powerful but yet refined and so melodic; we have a perfectly well-crafted track here. “My Stain” is simply sublime it will take you to a nostalgic and meditative mood; this one is very emotive.
”A Break To Cry” is the opposite with a faster pace, dark sound, and the emotional pressure explodes. We have dark Post Punk at its best here! “Hoax Nose” is like Cure-ish sound at the beginning; think about the guitar part of “Lament” and the big-overwhelming rhythm section of the “Pornography” album, some moments later the voice appears and the song reveals the very special and personal tone of this band.
And this is what I like the most of this new Post punk acts: They hold tradition, but they came with a twist of their own due to the combination of influences and sounds thus creating a refreshing vision of this music style. “Unforgettable” is faster with electrifying guitars, and it has remarkable melodic transitions creating a pretty-well balanced track; it’s really tasty. “Love Action” is what I mentioned before about the passion of this artist for cinematic soundtracks and movie music scores: This song is melancholic, cinematic and very atmospheric.
The result here is so touching and stunning. “Our Days” builds some rising emotional- tension; is like walking on the wire until the final moments of the song: At this point the tension rises subtly. The next track is an interesting electro-mix of “Haircut The Grass” and the other bonus track is a cinematic mix of “My Stain” with shynts. In my personal opinion I would rather to listen to other two new tracks, while the remixes could work really well as B-sides. But at the end the album is really fine as it is.
This is a great debut full length for People Of Nothing; this is Post Punk-Cold Wave Music with vision and some experimental feel; this gives to this band their own place in the underground scene of today. This project has a well-defined identity. People of Nothing is doing great music and this album is very interesting. Check it out! ► by Daniel Olvera


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