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October People - October PeopleBesides Gothic Rock; the Post Punk-Shoegaze scene is really a booming thing in The New Millennium, and the great thing here is that we have lots of awesome new bands in both music styles, this is a really exciting time for the underground scene. Well, talking again about Post Punk-Shoegaze; I have to say that I’m pleasantly impressed with this band called October People.

I get hooked with their music since the first listening, and I like this band so much because of their refined musicianship, their high-level execution, their warm melody, and because they have great passion and energy. This comes from the soul, and this is because they are really good in the Post Punk-Shoegaze style. October People is a relatively new band, this four-piece from Madrid, Spain was founded in 2010 and this is their first full-length album; and this is classy stuff!

“Wishes” is fresh air; the rhythm section is strong, the guitar sound is smooth and elegant with impeccable melodic transitions, and the voice fits perfectly to the mix. The singer has a great sense for the phrasing, and he makes those transitions with ease and style. “The Garden” is electric and has lots of energy, intensity, and great melody, this one sounds really good. “The Wait” is finest Post Punk; their execution is in the tradition of the great bands and is really stylish, this song is very catchy.

“Juliette” has great melody and it combines perfectly the sublime melody with slight-energetic passages; this song has great guitar work. “Voices” is impeccable sound: it has these deep and dominant bass lines, the drumming here is pretty accurate, and the lofty sound of the keyboards and guitar chords are here setting the appropriate stage for the vocal performance. “When The Sun Goes down” le da caña a este disco (Spanish for: “It rises the level of intensity”) it has a faster rhythm and pounding rhythm, and it comes with this awesome combination of power and melody. “This Dream Of Yours” is so introspective and it has drama and nostalgia, this one is very emotive.

“Once Again” is the 80’s sound in The New Millennium with perfect execution. What a debut album, and what a band! I’m really hooked with October People; and I’m happy because they have released a digital single called “Not The One” which is Post Punk-Shoegaze at its best. This single is a preview of the forthcoming album; and it’s scheduled for this fall… can’t wait! ► by Daniel Olvera


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