Nine Day Decline – Chaos In Motion

Nine day Decline – Chaos in MotionFormed in 2012, English three piece Nine Day Decline are based in the greater London area of the UK

Their debut album ‘Chaos in Motion’ was recorded over 3 years from their inception in 2012 and released in June 2015. It conveys post punk hinting at Killing Joke, as well as paying homage to the early 80’s Goth era.

We have strong guitars that meld the aforementioned Killing Joke with the early sound of The Sisters, The Banshees and The Cult, drums that pound one minute before appearing tribal the next and not to forget Baz’s vocals that switch between Jaz Coleman to the earlier classic Eldritch EP period.

The album delivers on a big scale with all of the tracks leading nicely into one another with an extremely confident and competent feel about it, brought together by the countless years of experience the trio have amassed.

For example ‘Stronger’ is a real look up and take notice showstopper, where heavy thumping drums lead into a wall of guitar and low sung vocals that Baz lifts from the early slumber to a raucous chorus.

On ‘Nine Day Decline’ the albums 6th track, there is a real mid-eighties ‘The Cult’ feel with its fast paced guitar and drums, delivering a real album highlight.

Then just when you think you have their sound straight in your head, the penultimate track ‘Fall from Grace’ slows the tempo of the album right down bringing the keyboard to the front of the mix, before the final and title track ‘Chaos in Motion’ delivers a haunting hymn like, keyboard led song to finish the album superbly.

All in all an excellent debut which has the listeners reminiscing over the early days of Gothic music, yet allows them to “sing their hymns” of today! ► by Raven and The Gothicfox


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