NFD – Reformations

NFD - Reformations - MCD (2013)This is Gothic rock without compromise, as it should be. NFD without going too far, is one of the bands that inspired me to create this project in which I embarked a little over two years. There is no doubt that this is one of the most anticipated works of the year. It’s been a long space of time since NFD – Deeper Visions – 5 years of waiting have paid off and I personally had my doubts about whether this work would see the light due to internal changes in the band.

Stephen Carey and Simon Rippin are no longer in the band, because they are focusing on The Eden House like Tony. Meanwhile NFD was in some kind of hibernation in the eyes of the people, Bob was between UK and USA. But finally a few months ago the band entered the studio to record the new album with the incorporation of two new and talented musicians to fill positions of Carey and Rippin: James Mcilroy who is currently one of the axes in Cradle of Filth and percussionist Luca Mazzucconi who were already playing with the band and are now members of the band after joining NFD in 2009, not to mention the participation of Chris Milden who is part of the band from the beginning.

The package is complete, the band gives us a brutal mini album titled – Reformations –

It would be unfair if I told you that this album is 100% Noise For Destruction, NFD just in top form, as always, but I’ll go a little beyond because I’m sure there are many people who read our analysis and they do not know one of the best pure Gothic rock bands of the new millennium.

If you have just discovered this band, do not miss the opportunity to get all their albums, certainly you won’t be disappointed. – Reformations – contains exactly what you want to hear from NFD, each and every one of the best elements of each of their previous albums, perfect ingredients for the perfect brew. Gothic Rock as fuck. This is musical ecstasy.

The band will enter studio in the next few days to record their fourth album entitled – Waking the Dead – this is what I can comment on that at the moment. NFD is back with strength and power, with nothing less than epic songs that will leave smiles on many faces. Feel the beat at the end of the day is the purpose of music and that only a few bands can achieve. One factor to consider is that NFD has been detached from the Nephilim sound and created their own school. The opening track One Slip is Pink Floyd cover version from their album “A Momentary Lapse Of Reason” (1987) and i have to say is one the best Gothic Rock covers ever.

Reformations is the perfect snack and a prelude to what’s coming. Bob: Reformations – that’s the soup, the main course is still to come!. ► by Oskar Terramortis


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