Near Earth Orbit – Trans Nepturian Objects


neoSo here we are, back with the second part of Near Earth Orbits conceptual, Post-Apocalyptic, Space – Goth Opera.

Like famous movie trilogies, this second section continues building the story over the first four tracks taking up where ‘End of all existence’ finished.


Imagine you are comfortably laying on your sofa in your own home, the album commences, and then all you see and feel, you suddenly doubt is real. Well that is what this latest slice of brilliance by Messrs Seth and Dayour does to you.

As the album progresses you actually feel like you are having an out of body experience and that you become part of the storyline, which in itself highlights the genius of N.E.O but then as the album steps up a gear and comes alive with track 5 ‘Trans Neptunian Objects’ the music then takes over the mantle of proving that N.E.O are not just a one-trick pony.

The title track has an undercurrent dance beat throughout provided by drums and bass, joined with Ashley’s guitar work and Artaud’s vocals and this delivers the albums first major musical highlight.

Speaking of highlights, ‘Planet X ‘ is another standout track, with a sound giving a nod to the Nephilim’s ‘Zoon’ period and it delivers with such intensity that we are now used to from all of Artaud and Ashley’s other bands.

‘Pitch Black’ has a rhythmic bass sound underpinning a keyboard led track and ends with a warning from Stephen Hawking, always an added bonus on anything that has science influences.

Jupiter Moon then turns it back to a slow burner of a track but it doesn’t default away from the overall quality of this latest epic.

Although the two parts of the trilogy, come in at around 36 minutes, and thereby by rights could be classed as EP’s rather than albums this was definitely a better way to release them, as a double album release would have been too much, all in one go we feel.

The final part is due for release in May 2016 and, personally, we cannot wait…. ► by Raven and The Gothicfox


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