NEAR EARTH ORBIT – End Of All Existence LIVE

NEAR EARTH ORBITThe driving forces behind the Merciful Nuns, Artaud Seth and Whispers in the Shadow’s Ashley Dayour, have come together to produce a conceptual album based on the end of the world, which In the End of all Existence they have forecast for the 16 March 2034.

Not only an audio treat, it also comes complete with an interactive website which plays out the disaster contained within the lyrics of the songs and shows flash points around the world showing what will happen there after the first contact.

If you think back to the entrance of Carl McCoy through the wilderness on the cult 1990 Richard Stanley film Hardware and you can picture exactly where Artaud and Ashley are going with this album as you can imagine them walking through hellfire and appearing unscathed to start this onslaught of black magical music.

Artaud’s sublime, haunting, ritualistic voice takes the listener into a different dimension from which you never want to escape. When music is this good, who needs to live in reality?. Match this with Ashley’s driving guitars, a sometimes slow but always funky industrial drumbeat and a droning bass line, you have the magic that would summon the beast to deliver the party of all parties. ► by Raven and The Gothicfox


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