Moth – First Second

Moth - First SecondThey describe it simple; and it is (really) like this: Synth Punk- Cold Wave (At its very finest!). Everything here it’s just like black velvet: An entrancing combination of darkness, elegance, evocative sonic-landscapes, passion, and lost romance. Moth was formed back in 2012, and this new band is highly talented; and they have released a pretty solid and well-crafted piece of Dark Post Punk of the new millennium. Some months ago we published here the review of that tasty compilation album “Let’s Peter Out”, and I’m glad to see that such record company has decided to release the debut album by this really promising new band.

“Dysphoria” is really eerie, the perfect soundtrack for a gloomy procession to this world created by the sounds of Moth. “Young Future” has the DNA and heritage of the best dark 80’s sound, this song is contagious and very well constructed and we are instantly captivated by this atmosphere. If you enjoyed to the first track; the second one: “Taste The Remains” will nail you even more to the sound of Moth; it has great bass lines, the guitar sound is so smooth here, and the voices came with strong-nostalgic passion. “Parasite” is really bleak and the voices are expressing some claustrophobic anxiety. “After The Fire” honors to their title, because is some kind of emotional aftermath; very intense and blackened mood here. “Obelion Disco” comes with a good dose of rhythm, and catchy melody; it is really good for the dark dancefloor. “Shrapnel” sounds great, it made me think about The Cure of “Japanese Whispers”, or “The Top”, this is really classy stuff; thumbs up! “In The Headlights” accelerates with minimalistic-synthetized beats, and it’s vertiginous; this is a perfect track to close this pretty interesting release; it will make you move for sure.

If you love classic 80’s Dark Post Punk, Cold Wave, or even some Minimal Wave, don’t miss this release; because Moth delivers everything that I have mentioned before in such a great way, and it’s available right now on glorious Vinyl… don’t be slow!► by Daniel Olvera

Moth – First Second (2015)
Peter Out Records
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Photo by Stine Maria Svendsen Holme



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