miazma - miazmaRewind to 2007 and gothic–rock.com director Oskar Terramortis discovers Swedish musician Kristian Olofsson via his band website under the name of Miazma. Oskar listens to a couple of tracks and stunned he then listens to all of the digital download albums on offer and is literally blown away. Messages are passed between them and Oskar offers to release a compilation CD of his favourite tracks from the 3 albums that he had heard. Kristian agrees, remasters the earlier tracks and adds 4 new tracks that he had been working on.

The CD is released in 2014 on Oskar’s Gothic Music Records label in a limited edition gatefold format of only 333 copies, but despite of the number this is not a half beast of an album it’s a superbly crafted demon with the added bonus of a booklet containing all of the lyrics. Fast forward to 2015 and Raven & The Gothicfox hear a track via a link on Facebook. We look for more recordings and having discovered the website, feeling so enamoured with what we hear we almost crash the Paypal server with our wheel spinning credit cards as we order two of the limited edition collections. Shortly numbers 115 and 119 are blasting out on our stereos….and our cars….and our mp3 players.

But what is so special about Miazma, I hear you ask?

Well, if you are a fan of the Vision Thing era version of The Sisters with a bit of Floodlandesque choir thrown in on occasions, the catchiness of the The Merry Thoughts and a vocalist who goes between the pained baritones of Type O Negatives Pete Steele and Eldritch himself then you have the answer.

Not restricted to this though, there are a lot of electronic influences in a number of the songs, especially the heavily Covenant/VNV Nation styled ‘Mine’. Then as a dark twist in the plot, the final offering ‘Rise’, which is actually one of the earlier recorded tracks, could be the petulant little sister to Rammstein’s industrial metal masterpiece Sonne.

So the future looks dark and brooding for Miazma and this compilation is a must for fans of this type of gothic rock. Roll on the next chapter we say! ► by Raven and The Gothicfox


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