Merciful Nuns – Occvltation

Merciful Nuns – OccvltationLet us start this with review with an admission: neither of us had heard a full EP or album by German band Merciful Nuns before picking up this cd. Sure, we had heard a couple of tracks on various, gothic rock mixcloud shows and had seen their name crop up in various places and conversations. Therefore we noted them down for further investigation, and oh boy, are we glad we did.

It seems 7 studio albums, a live album, a further live album with a DVD and 5 EP’s and singles had passed us by. All since 2010, which makes Artaud Seth and his band, one of, if not the most prolific artists in all of the Goth rock scene. How very remiss of us!

However, that has now changed forever following this stunning introduction to the Merciful Nuns. With a sound that is a heady cocktail of Artaud’s previous band The Garden of Delight (no we’ve got none of their releases either, YET!!), the power and atmosphere of Fields of the Nephilim, the swagger of the Sisters of Mercy and all delivered with occult and science fiction references. It is truly something special.

Unlike other compilations where the original track is listed in chronological order with all the other selected ones, the Merciful Nuns have taken tracks from across their extensive catalogue of releases and tweaked each track to make it slightly different from the one you may already know.

These include ‘Hypogeum’ which is a track’s Oskar Terramortis has a hand in, for it is he who sent the music over to Artaud for him to add lyrics and produce the resulting mid-paced, bass heavy, rocker.

The running order does not go in order of release date, indeed the latest and only totally new track ‘Occvltation’, which by the way is a sublime piece of darkness. But what has been achieved is a compilation album that plays like an actual album in that it fits together beautifully and makes it sound like it was all recorded at the same time. Which indeed it was.

This is a totally fantastic introduction to the Merciful Nuns if you don’t already own their back catalogue. However due to the new track, tweaks of all the old ones and the inclusion of some tracks that are only available on strictly limited edition releases it also makes an essential addition to the fan who has them all!

We are suitably hooked and now look forward to taking further dark journeys with Mr Seth and co…….Watch this space.  ► by Raven and The Gothicfox


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