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MANIC-DEPRESSION-RECORDSManic Depression is an artist-friendly independent record label, mailorder and live promoter based in Paris, France. Basically formed in 1998 by Manic Lio, surrounded by Vincent, JL Manic joined the team in 2005. First focusing on the French Post Punk, goth and related scene (Violet Stigmata, In Memoria, Deadchovsky, Wallenberg, Jacquy Bitch, Frustration), Manic Depression quickly starts to sign international bands and artists, and finally becomes one of the largest post punk records companies in France, with 33 references (Albums, Lps, Compilations) by 27 different artists from around the world released on the label … and the list is ongoing to be increased with many more to come.

Latest releases:

MD037 SCHONWALD “Dream For The Fall” (LP&CD- Post Punk)
MD036 DRAMA OF THE SPHERES “Puzzled View” (LP&CD- Batcave/Industial)
MD035 M!R!M “Reel / Flowers In Bloom” (7″-Post Punk)
MD033 WINTER SEVERITY INDEX “Slanting Ray” (CD-New wave/Cold Wave)
MD032 PEOPLE OF NOTHING “People Of Nothing” (CD-Post Punk/Indie)
MD031 LAST NIGHT “S/T” (LP-Punk/post Punk)
MD030 WALLENBERG “Love is Slavery” (CD-Cold Wave/Post Punk)
MD028 GITANE DEMONE “The Reflecting Shadow” (CD-Experimental/Dark Cabaret)’

…and some more to be announced very soon!!

Manic Depression Records also organizes and promotes a range of music events in Paris since 1998 including concerts, festivals and afterparties, album release parties trying to create the best experience for the fans as well as the artists.

Some of the latest gigs promoted by MD:
Chrome, Bestial Mouths, Soviet Soviet, Pure Ground, The Exploding Boy, Terminal Gods, Ascetic:, The Other Voices, Pop 1280, His Electro Blue Voice, The Legendary Pink Dots, Selofan, Minuit Machine….etc

But Also in the past years:
Frustration, Agent Side Grinder, Charles De Goal, Savage Republic, Gitane Demone, Eva O, Superheroines, Bloody Dead & sexy, Theatre of Hate, Wayne Hussey, Faith and the Muse, Brotherhood of Pagans, Guerre Froide, Kid Congo, For Against, Cinema Strange,Black Ice, Press Gang Metropol, Vanishing, Ausgang, Miguel and the Living Dead, Frank (just Frank), Katzenjammer Kabarett, Babel17, Le Prince Harry, Jessica 93…and many more!!

Three Wednesdays per month, a Manic Depression Dj with collaboration with Phontiks Djs is mixing from 9 p.m. till 2a.m.in a Parisian rock bar called the Piano Vache (8 rue Laplace – 75005 Paris). Moreover Manic Depression Records mailorder proposes more than 660 references from friend labels in order to facilitate access and a search of information about new releases, and a possibility to buy records from different countries in one unique web shop.


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