Love in Prague – Fallen Angels


Love in Prague – Fallen AngelsLove in Prague are a French Post-Punk / Coldwave band formed in 2007 and consist of Benoît Gerard and Chloe Praha.

The duo released their first album in 2013 entitled ‘Ghost Note’ which in turn was the follow up to a couple of EP’s they had already released in 2008 and 2011. However ‘Fallen Angels’ is our introduction to them.

The album starts with ‘Never Ending story’. But do not fear it is not a copy of the dreadful Limahl track, it is an introduction to their brand of dream pop style of Post Punk. Benoit’s vocals are delivered here in a shoegazey style but over a backing of driven post-punk guitars which raise it up above the usual ethereal offerings that the shoegaze genre normally delivers.

Second track ‘Fallen Angels’, which the band have produced a video for is more of the same with the post-punk sound underpinning the soft and melancholic vocals. The keyboards are more apparent in the track ‘Betrayed’ and the song is more bass heavy with the guitars taking more of a background role whilst next offering ‘Lost’ is a more upbeat post-punk based track.

The Cure influence shines through on the track ‘Worries’ with the intricate guitar work and keyboards inter-playing together nicely. Throughout the album you can pick up on a very gloomy underpinned message within the lyrics and delivery, which is especially apparent on final track ‘The Hall’.

So overall this is an album that delivers a clash of shoegaze and post-punk sounds, mixing influences from Joy Division, The Cure and Interpol to Slowdive and the Cocteau Twins and should appeal to fans of the Cold Wave and Shoegaze genres. ► by Raven and The Gothicfox


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