Long Night Strikes back!!

The Norwegian Gothic Rock heroes Long Night (Members previously in The Morendoes, Elusive, Desspo, Theatre Of Tragedy, Tristania) are back. The band is focussed on the final details for their upcoming full-length album. Name and release date still TBA. The band has spoiled 5 preview tracks on their official soundcloud page (click on the second column) and one entire “not final mix” song on youtube (see the header of this post).

The band’s debut EP called “Sorrow Returns” was released on Black Rider Records / Gothic Music Records. Not too many people know that exist two different versions of this stunning EP, nobody has upload the complete information about it on popular sites such as Discogs. Black Rider Records version is a Digifile leaving the standard jewel case to Gothic Music Records. You can get it on the band’s official Bandcamp also available on iTunes and Spotify.


Some press from “Sorrow Returns” times

After a long period of silence, two pioneer artists of the legendary Norwegian Gothic Metal scene team up and join forces with an impeccably credentialed guitarist to form a new group. With a common knack for creating new, refreshingly old – school, top-notch gothic rock music, the trio is about to make an incredible mark of the dusky realm of gothic rock. Bold and mesmerizing, their new EP, “Sorrow Returns”, is an excellent reminder of what this genre is about: imposing rhythm, haunting melodies and deep, thrilling vocals – with the occasional flair for spaghetti westerns. So, press PLAY and turn off the light, ’cause this will be a….


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