Loistava Polku – Jäähyväiset Paratiisille

Loistava Polku - Jäähyväiset ParatiisilleLoistava Polku is a new and interesting band from Finland, with a distinctive sound blending elements of Post Punk and Gothic Rock. With influences of such bands like: Bauhaus, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Gang Of Four, David Bowie, Varjo, Musta Paraati, Crass, Sisters Of Mercy, New Model Army, etc… they come with this debut album.

They have two previous EP’s: Loistava Polku EP (2012) and Emilia (Digi-EP/CD 2012) “Ikkuna “is a perfect opening track with a great rhythm and it’s dark post-punk with an aggressive edge. Musta Paraati came to my mind with this one.”Muistihahorja” is quite brilliant: The bass fills every possible void with their driving lines, perfectly fused with the guitar sound. When listening to the percussions; you will find yourself making “air drums” because their lines are really contagious. The voice has strength and a very personal approach. ¿Why this track is only 2:15?

“Paratiisilintu” has strong influences of the early Bauhaus. Another track with less than 3:00min, but quite, quite good!.”Muukalainen” is the more stylized side of the 80’s Post Punk, without losing a single bit of the intensity that Loistava Polku has. The same description applies to “Emilia” This one has an even more passional approach. ”Etsikö Meistä Ystävää“comes with drama and darkness. “Mielen Vankila” has very good guitar riffs. ”Radiolaulu” is totally Deathrockish, quite danceable. Remarkable track, they are very talented and they have the ability to play (really well); different music styles.

”Yö autiotalossa” is atmospheric, passionate played with great feeling. The record ends with the darkly instrumental “ Aamuyö Ja Punainen Matto”
Very impressive album and this band is really promising and talented. I like how they blend the Post Punk in all of its variety of sounds with fluid bass lines and elements of Gothic Rock. They always give their 100%.  ► by Daniel Olvera


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