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Last Night - Last Night (2014)This is exciting raw Post Punk with traces of Dark Punk and Punkish Garage sound, and even some slight touch of Death Rock; this is electric excitement from the beginning to the end. Intensity, rawness, dark sound, razor-sharp guitars, and infectious beats with pounding rhythm…¡I like this stuff! Last Night is a band from Paris, France and is such a promising new act, they have lots of potential and this is their first LP.

Previously they have released “Secret Tape” which is an EP with some mixes and bonus tracks, it includes ten of the twelve songs of this album, and also they have a self-titled 7” EP. The different styles of dark music have its roots in Punk, and the music of Last Night is an excellent reminder of this fact.

“Secret” is straight forward Punk music with good guitar riffs; it’s such a good opening track. “Mission” has great rhythm and theremin noise, the rhythm is crushing. “Waste My Time“is vertiginous with dominant bass lines and furious riffs, it’s very exciting. “Sweat” is vertiginous; and it’s kind of “Western Punk” in the vein of The Gun Club.

“Rumble” has Garage-Rocking riffs combined with melodic and electrifying Punk Chords in the chorus; really tasty! “Vultures” is close to the Dark Punk style, the fluent drumming and the dynamic bass lines are creating some expecting feel that leads you to some frenetic riffs; this song has some very interesting transitions and rhythm changes.

“Steal Your Crown” has this obscure waltzed pace, and suddenly it explodes with raw Punk energy. “Try To Live” is highly electrifying and frenetic from the beginning to the end; a real brain buster. “Cut Your Throat” delivers more good-old skull Punk Rock; and this is really good! “Better Run” goes light speed with mind blowing guitar and vertiginous rhythm, this one is pure adrenaline. “Wrong Direction” is another high-voltage Old School Punk tune, and it’s exciting to the max. “The Scavengers” is gloomy and dark, and the voice has a creepy tone here and I like that.

Last Night combines rawness, excitement, and they have a great sense of melody. We have here some really catchy and electrifying Old School Punk. This will take you to the moment in which those different musical paths were drawn; resulting in the fascinating soundscapes of Dark Music. They have great talent to create this kind of music and atmospheres, and this record will give you no rest from the beginning to the end. Great work! ► by  Daniel Olvera


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