Kalt – The Invisible

Kalt - The InvisibleKalt is a solo project started in 2003 and is the creation of writer, singer and ex-Garden of Delight guitarist Mike York (also in Sweet Ermengarde). ‘The Invisible’ is the third album under this guise and was released in November 2014. After a few listens you are left with the real sense that all of the tracks are written as if Mike has personally experienced every song. You can hear the emotion carrying throughout, at times haunting but always darkly captivating.

The Guitars are quite heavy in places and have a strong appeal to the listener of metal but underpinning this with a darkness that pulls the songs back into the realm of Goth rock. Mikes vocals are reminiscent of Love Like Blood’s front man Yorck and on occasion hark back to his time with Garden of Delight and the ritualistic vocals of Artaud Seth.

The first track ironically called ‘The End’ is full on gothic hard rock with pounding drums, squealing guitars and deep, deep vocals certainly giving a powerful introduction to the album. ‘The War’ follows in the same vein but with more a repetitive guitar riff throughout the song and the vocals become a little more whispered growl reminiscent of Rammstein’s Till Lindemann, albeit with the lyrics sung in English.

The next few tracks pull back from the hard sound and deliver music that could fit nicely on some of The Missions early works with the swirling guitar work on ‘The Sister’ very First Chapterish and a building guitar and drum beat on ‘The father’ complete with a catchy chorus, that would not be out of place on ‘Children’.

‘The Oceans’ is an instrumental and plays out like the beginning 4 minutes of a doom metal masterpiece My Dying Bride would be proud of. The remainder of the tracks on the album interchange between the hard rock style and the Mission influenced goth rock demonstrated at the beginning of the album, with ‘The Zombies’ being a mix of the two styles and one of the standout tracks. Final track ‘The Life’ is a slow building guitar fest of a song and a superb end to what is a must have album purchase for those appreciating a more hard rock/metal style in their Goth. ► by Raven and The Gothicfox


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