Jesus Rodriguez – U Bram Piekła

Jesus Rodriguez - U Bram Piekła (2014)Here we have a pretty interesting and refreshing Gothic Rock band coming out from Wroclaw, Poland. Jesus Rodriguez is not a Spanish guy, it’s a very experienced Gothic Rock band; they have almost 15 years doing music, and this band was founded at the dawn of the new millennium. Jesus Rodriguez have released two demo CD’s : “Demo 2001 A.D.”, “Jesus Rodriguez”, two live DVDs: “Czy Mozna Zgasic Te Swiatla?”, “Sami Widzieliscie”, their debut album is entitled “Zero” and here’s their second (and pretty cool) full-length album: “Ubram Piekla”. This Is (pretty) guitar-oriented Gothic Rock of the new millennium; with capital “R”. Their music oscillates between tradition, interesting musical progressions, and powerful guitar riffs…Hot stuff here.

“Armageddon” is a great opening track, it does the right thing in terms of introduce to the listener in the musical concept of this band. At the beginning we have some sumptuous keyboards, followed by the guitar assault and the crushing rhythm section; one thing is pretty clear: You have to play this at top volume! “Czarny Jeździec” is stage two of the initial Gothic Rock assault; it’s a pretty good combination of cadenced keyboard chords, great melody, and loud guitars; thumbs up for this one.

“Spadaj Ze Mną” goes mid-tempo without losing a single f’n beat of intensity, it’s full of emotion, the voice literally tears apart; and the strong feeling here makes of this one, a really passionate song. In the following track called “Anielski Głos”, their brand of Gothic sound is mixed with sophisticated and atmospheric 80’s Rock vibes; this song states firmly that the music created by Jesus Rodruiguez have real diversity. “Noc I Mgła” has a pretty cadenced pace combined with strong guitar sound.

“Sałatka Z Tuńczyka II” It’s full of passion, and it shows a nostalgic edge at the beginning; some moments later, the voice just screams out their repressed emotions in a very cathartic outbreak, great dramatic mood in this song. “Nowy Ład” combines again (in a perfect way) keyboards and loud guitars, the chords are pretty catchy here, It´s a powerful and passionate song. “Nic” goes atmospheric and meditative, and it has overwhelming drama towards the end of the song. In “Osobliwość” they slow the pace a little; but the emotional pressure here is quite strong. “Potop Płomieni” is pure passion. “Ten Lepszy Świat” creates a darker and ominous mood, it’s really chilling stuff. “U Zamkniętych Piekła Wrót” is really a 11:39 minute-epic track, this one is all about musical progressions, and it’s a pretty well-crafted song; a perfect final track for this great album.

Gothic Rock enthusiasts out there: Don’t hesitate; this one is for all of you. If you are into the Gothic rock of the new millennium, Jesus Rodriguez will bring you the best features of this music style. They have their own identity, and this is a great record. Don’t miss it ► by Daniel Olvera

Jesus Rodriguez – U Bram Piekła (2014)
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